What is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO: Strategy, Techniques Guide-2021

What Is On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

People think building backlinks in bulk is the right way. But it is not the right process. Let’s understand and discuss this topic.

Search Engine Optimization has two types. One is OnPage SEO Optimization and the second is Off Page SEO Optimization.


In Digial Marketing People give different kinds of definitions of Seo optimization and Seo Types. They have similar common points in different definitions of On Page and Off Page SEO.

In the simple words on page seo is the optimization and adjustment of internal settings inside the website. It is a process of putting and correcting HTML tags, title and description tags, 404 error pages, sitemap, robots.txt, keywords tags optimization, content visibility, internal linking, etc.

In short, correcting and optimizing the website structure and content following search engine guidelines is called on page seo. 

Where Off Page SEO is the process and activities which are done outside the websites. On the off page we do not touch any internal setting or internal optimization. It is simply a promotional activity of a blog/ website on online platforms and the internet. It shows a website to the targeted users using unpaid methods of advertisement and converts leads into sales & money.


SEO Off Page Optimization And Off Page SEO Strategy- 2021

Off Page SEO is online promotion and advertisement of your website on the internet using without money methods. The aim of SEO is to Selling, promoting and creating more organic traffic engagement of a website on the search engine results page(SERP) via Off Page SEO strategy.


It looks simple but it is not simple. Off SEO is a way to do brand and link building with a specific strategy. Creating a lot of website links is just doing spam. Seo’s main motive is to earn the authority of the backlinks, not doing spam. 


So, to build high authority backlinks for your domain do genuine work with other websites. Means creating your blog profiles on different famous and authentic websites with proper optimization. 

People do, just dropping URLs on other websites and think it will provide link authority to their website. No, it is just like spam. Proper name, title, description, URL, logo, background cover, gender, date of birth(DOB), location, occupation, etc. should be optimized.

After creating profiles, starts sharing post, question answers, commenting, images, pdf, ppt, article, discussion, link submission, etc. content regularly. Once you do these things, you will start getting authority for your websites. 


Besides profile creation, we should do guest posting, article submission, image submission, social bookmarking, blog comments, website sharing, and many more. Let’s understand these techniques in points. 

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Best Off Page SEO Strategies- 2021-22

Here are some best Off Page SEO strategies for bringing organic traffic and creating high authority backlinks to your site.

  • Social Bookmarking Submission – It’s a way to submit or bookmark your website URL on another site and tell the audience about your product, service, subject.


  • Guest Posting – It is one of the best methods to create authority and draw traffic to your blog. Just ask the website owner via email or message to post an article on his website and give one URL in the article. It is a paid and unpaid method.


  • Article Submission – Go to article submission websites, do registration and submit your post with your targeted URL page. 


  • Images Submission – One of the simple ways to create high-authority links. Do registrations, create profiles, and submit relevant images.


  • Press Release(PR) – These highly professional methods. Basically for the professional business organization. These are available few free and most paid. There is a need for an expert to write the Press Release, then you should go for the submitting press release.


  • Blog commenting – You should be very careful when doing blog comments. Most of the time these count as spam. It is the easiest form of creating backlinks. So, do only relevant and genuine comments.


  • Web 2.0 Site Creation – These are very powerful techniques to create link authority. Create 10 to 15 web 2.0 and optimize them like genuine websites, add content on a regular base and do share. These are free websites.


  • Question And Answer Websites – These are highly desirable and easy to interact with. Create backlinks on Question Answer websites like Quora, Yahoo, etc., and grab the traffic as well as backlinks.


  • Classified Ads Submission(CAS) – classified ads are the free ads submission technique to bring organic traffic from the target users. A lot of sites provide free ads posting. These are highly beneficial for Local Businesses.


  • Business Listing Directory(BLD) – BLD is the best way for Local SEO. Add your address, mobile number, Google Map. These are perfectly concentrated on your local customs and generate leads into money. These are in the form of paid and unpaid.


On Page Optimization Techniques

These are the topmost On Page Optimization Techniques –

  • URL Structure Optimization – Most needed onpage requirement is to create URL structure according to content. Add your targeted title keyword in URL. It will boost your post ranking in SERP within less time.


  • Heading Tag Optimization – It is again a ranking factor. These are the HTML tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Put the title keyword in H1. use other targeted keywords in subheading H2, H3, H4, H5, etc. Make important headings H2.


  • Keyword Optimization – It is the most important ranking factor. After researching keywords. The next main thing is to optimize keywords in the content. So, Include your targeted keyword and their synonyms(semantic keywords) in the title, description, url, headings, subheading. Keep keyword density up to 3 percent of total word count. 


  • Internal Page Linking – Linking pages internally of a website gives a boost to ranking. Always link relevant content pages for better engagement. It improves user engagement time & sessions. It provides users with more information and deep knowledge about the same topic.


  • External Links – Adding external links to a reference site is a good tactic. It provides a signal of relevance and suggestion. Hence, improve site authority.


  • Title And Description Tags – Always include the main targeted keyword in html title and description tags. It tells the search engine about the topic of your page. Hence, It causes to good ranking factor.


  • Alt Attribute(Alt Tag) – This is used for images. This tag explains the title and description of the image to the search engine. Mean what kind of information your image explains to users. Include your main keyword in the alt tag.
  • Canonical Tag – This tag is used for preventing duplicate content. The motto of using canonical tag is to tell the search engine which url version of your website is the main URL. So that crawler avoids duplicate pages and recognizes major pages instantly.