In(2022)-What Is Keyword Research In Digital Marketing(DM)-Types Of Keywords

In(2021)-What Is Keyword Research In Digital Marketing(DM)-Types Of Keywords

On the Internet per day, people type and search for billions of questions to find their answers.

In Digital Marketing, keywords are the questions, queries, and phrases which are typed by the people on the internet for finding the appropriate information and solution to the problems. It defines the topics and title of the content to the users and search engines.


Usually, there are no specific official parameters for keyword length. This means, there is an official announcement from Google which keywords are short, medium, and long-tail on the basis of character or word length.

There are some common assumptions on the search engine optimization profession for the category of the keywords on their length.


Understand- Types of Keywords in Digital Marketing(DM)

  1. Short Tail Digital Marketing Keyword
  2. Mid Tail Digital Marketing Keywords
  3. Long Tail Digital Marketing Keywords
  4. User Intent Digital Marketing Keywords
  5. Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) Digital Marketing Keywords
  6. People Also Search For(PASF) Digital Marketing Keywords
  7. Semantic(synonyms) Digital Marketing Keywords
  8. Question And Answers Digital Marketing keywords
  9. Google suggest keywords


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Short Tail Digital Marketing Keyword

Short Tail Keyword refers to the short queries which have one, two, or three words limit. They are short in characters and length.

Short Tail Keywords Examples – CAR, Vegetable, Seo Tips.

Basically, they have high search volume and high keyword difficulty. Hence, short tail keywords are hard to rank on the Internet.


Mid Tail Keyword In Digital Marketing

Mid(medium) Tail Keywords are phrases that have three, four, and five words in length. As the name suggests. Mid-tail keywords are neither short nor long tail keywords. These are average in character and words. The competition level of the medium tail keyword varies from low, medium, and hard.

Example – Search Engine Optimization, Find The Area Of Park, What Are The 5 Basic Tastes


Long Tail Digital Marketing Keywords

In Digital Marketing long tail(long-phrase) keywords include the six or more word length limit. They are long in character and easy to rank. Long-tail phrases are usually in the form of long questions. They are the best keyword for voice search optimization. Due to low search volume and easy competition, these are easy to rank on the first page of the search engine.

Example – What is the meaning of the Banana, How to find the best books near to me.


User Intent Digital Marketing Keywords

As the name suggests, user intent keywords- explain the intention of the users. When the users search on the internet for particular intentions – Business, purchasing, Wh family data(Where, why, who, whom, whose, how, what), best and top things, comparison, brands names. It defines the concentration of the users about the particular search. This is a point wise list of user intent keywords versions for better understanding

  • Business and Sales Intention.
  • Purchasing Intention.
  • Wh Family Data(Where, why, who, whom, whose, how, what) Intention.
  • Best, Top, And Cheap Intention.
  • Comparison of the product and services(Reviews, Rating, comments, Vs) Intention.
  • Brands Name + suggest keywords Intention.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) Digital Marketing Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions are the questions which are common and frequently searched among the people. The search volume frequency of the FAQs is high on the internet. They are generally daily used questions and answers. Users want to clear their doubt via FAQs, before investing their money in a product and service.

Example – What is the meaning of education, How is the quality of this Book?


People Also Search For(PASF) Digital Marketing Keywords

People also search for keywords the synonyms to the related search. Means, when someone types any keyword in the search bar of google, In the top 10 results in google show some suggestion which is similar to our search keyword. 

People also search for keywords example


LSI-Semantic(Synonyms) Digital Marketing Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords are phrases that are very similar, common, and synonyms to the search keywords. Google shows the semantics keywords at the bottom of the page. The importance of the LSI keyword is to assist the users with more information queries so that they can easily find a satisfactory solution to their problems. From the point of view of SEO, it is very helpful in keyword research strategy for content creation. These LSI keywords are very powerful and easy to rank.

LSI keyword example


Question And Answers Digital Marketing keywords

Question And Answers(Q&A) keywords include the question verbs in the starting and a question mark in the last of the keywords – What, Why, How, When, Who, Whom, Where, What, Is, Are, Did, Do, Does, Has, Have, Had, etc. The intention of the Q & A keyword is to ask the direct question from the search engine and find the solution. Their aim is to raise the question and find the answers.

Example – How to become a real estate agent, Is home tuition academy genuine.


Google suggest keywords Digital Marketing keywords

These are the most searched and used keywords in google. Google suggest keywords are the phrases in the short, medium and long-tail keywords forms when a user types in the google search bar – google pieces of advice some combination of the similar and related keywords in the search bar. The advantage of the google suggests keyword is, we have to type only a few characters, and the rest are shown by google. 

google suggest keywords example in Google Search Engine


Keywords Research Conclusion

We have discussed a variety of keywords. People have some common and some different search habits. So, for a digital marketer, it is necessary to optimize the content of the website including all types of keyword search versions. Placing these keywords in the content of the website improves the search ranking in google. 

Keyword optimization practice is an on-page optimization strategy in digital marketing. Search engine optimizers use keyword mapping tricks in their websites and blogs. A keyword is the direct call signal to the search engine. Using keywords in the title and thumbnail is the best way to attract the search engine and users.

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