Top Social Bookmarking Sites And Bookmarking In SEO

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking websites are a powerful way to get more views and fast indexing. This is the easiest Search Engine Optimization(SEO) trick for everyone. SEO experts know the power of social bookmarking websites. There are a lot of websites on the internet that provide URL submission and link submission on their website. Pinterest, Tumbler,, apsense, etc. are the most powerful and highly traffic social bookmarking websites.


Let’s know what social bookmarking is and how it works. Social Bookmarking In Seo.


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What Is Social Bookmarking In Seo

There are many websites on the Internet that provide Link submission for lifetime/ temporary. So, Social Bookmarking In Seo is a way of submitting(posting) a website URL link with a title and description on another’s website. 

It is a bookmarking technique of a website on a guest website. When a user clicks on this bookmark, he/she will go to the destination website.


In short, Social Bookmarking is the promotion and advertisement of websites on another’s websites for fast indexing, referral views, and high authority. 


A website owner allows the registered users to submit their URL link on his website. Social bookmarking sites have URL, Title, keywords and description submission options for the users. There may be some character limits for the URL, title, keyword and description. 


For time saving, Some bookmarking websites themselves fetch the title, description by submitting the website URL. Therefore no need to submit the title, description individually.

 Here is a list of high DA PA Top Social Bookmarking Sites


Register and submit your home or page URL on these sites. Here is a list of top social bookmarking websites

  • Tumbler

    (DA – 85, PA – 99, SS – 19) – This is a beautiful social media website for creating and sharing images, URLs, articles, videos, audios, and mini blogs. Tumbler has huge traffic and an audience. The DA(Domain authority) and PA(Page Authority) are impressive and good. So, Do sign up, optimize your profile and submit your website URL. It will definitely send social traffic to your website. Tumbler has its mobile app.


  • Pinterest

    (DA – 94, PA – 83, SS – 7)- This website is a search engine and famous for sharing and finding images, GIFs and small video clips. Pinterest has a huge amount of audience globally. People like Pinterest because of its graphics, representation, infographics and other useful data. Pinterest is a search engine. You can add your post on creating pin(topic) and pinboard(brand or profile name). It provides an image option, title, description, alt tags and website link option for submission. you can fetch the image in the Pinterest post by putting your website URL. Without image/video/GIF you can not post on Pinterest. Download the pinterest mobile app for mobile uses.


  • Mix

    (DA – 92, PA – 60, SS – 7) – It is a smooth social media site for sharing and bookmarking posts, videos, and website URL links. You can add your link in the ‘plus sign’ option. When someone clicks on your bookmark. It will redirect him to your website.


  • Slashdot

    (DA – 91, PA- 76, SS – 1) – This is a social news networking site for stories, polls, deals, apparel. Add and share science, technology, device, entertainment based content.

  • Instapaper

    (DA – 87, PA – 65, SS – 1)- This is a social bookmarking website for saving articles, URL links and website content. You can fully read this save content on any device. 


  • Quora

    (DA – 93, PA – 77, SS – 10 ) – This is a question and answer based social media platform. You ask and answer the question to other quora users. you can share website links to your followers. use quora as questions and answers keyword research for your blog.


  • Reddit

    (DA – 91, PA – 90, SS – 4)- It is a social networking website for article posting, polls, chatting, video, link, image and discussion. Its audience feedback the content in the form of vote and upvote. Don’t try to post spam content on Reddit. Reddit will ban you permanently and show your content spam on other platforms. 


  • Diigo

    (DA – 89, PA – 42, SS – 2)- This is a social bookmarking site for submitting images, notes, PDF and bookmarks URLs. Here you can add description and keyword tags for your post optimization.


  • Pearltrees

    (DA – 88, PA – 41, SS – 33)- It is a social website for adding images, import data, web bookmark, collection, files and notes. You can create your collection category wise. It has free and paid services.


  • Get Pocket

    (DA – 91, PA – 57, SS – 6)- It is a social media website for saving the article, videos and other content by fetching your page URLs. 


  • Folkd

    (DA 71, PA – 68, SS – 61)- It is a bookmarking, community, social search, friends creation network, messaging, feature videos and downloads the extension for browsers. You can add the URL here by entering the title, description and keywords tag. Remember, spam scores are high on this website.


  • Plurk

    (DA – 88, PA – 40, SS – 7)- This is the simplest and easiest social media networking website for sharing the post in the form of website links or media. 


  • Ttlink

    (DA 58, PA -37,  SS – 16)- It is a social and microblogging website for sharing status, bookmarking, events, questions and polls. 


  • Fark

    (DA – 72, PA – 48, SS – 4) – It is a social community website of discussion, comments, contest and link submission. Choose your category and submit your web page URL story.


  • World Rank List

    (DA 29, PA – 44, SS – 7) – This social media website for creating bookmarking, news, articles, pdf, RSS feeds, documents, PPTS submission.


  •  Xing

    (DA 92, PA – 60, SS – 7) – It is also a social media networking site for sharing images, videos, articles with friends. It provides job, business, companies, campus, events search options to its users.



    (DA – 77, PA – 52, SS – 14) – You share updates, news, question answers, queries, articles, web page links, etc on your dashboard for apsense users. It provides point credits to its users on daily updating posts.


  • Medium

    (DA – 95, PA -81, SS – 3) – It is an online site for writing articles and submitting posts through URL submission. Medium has a fast website content capacity. If you want to index your new content then put it on medium. Remember, This website bans you instantly due to excessive URL and spam submissions.


  • Facebook

    (DA – 96, PA – 100, SS – 1)- It is a social media networking website for entertainment, jobs, marketing, business, advertisement, etc. Sharing your content with the public on FB improves authority, branding and converts the targeted customer into sales.


  • Linkedin

    (DA -98 PA – 85, SS – 1)- Everyone is aware of Linkedin. This website is for business purposes. Here you can create and share your business information and services, jobs, professional articles, chatting, question answers. Linkedin has a group of all professional employees, students and business professionals. Share your content on LinkedIn to increase your brand awareness and authority.


Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

These are the Benefits Of Social Bookmarking in seo –

  • Fast web page and content indexing.
  • Increase referral user views.
  • Provide Link juice.
  • Improve domain and page authority.
  • Create brand awareness, more visibility, promotion and online advertisement.
  • Boost Off Page Score.
  • Improve business brand Trust.


These are the benefits of social bookmarking. When you create any piece of content, instantly share it on social media bookmarking websites. It will instantly provide traffic and help in ranking in SERP.

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