Top-7-[Seven]-Disadvantages Of Online Advertising(OA)-[You_Must_Know]

Disadvantages Of Online Advertising(OA)-[You_Must_Know]

First Understand :- What Is Online Advertising

In the world of the Internet, Online advertising(Internet Marketing) is a group of promotional and brand-building activities whose goal is to create good images of products- services in the mind of people. So that they are always ready to buy these online represented services.


This Digital Marketing technique motivates the customer to buy the product in every way by showing attractive advertisements. In the end, a lot of customers end up buying something or the other.

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Online advertising creates the image of the brand in the mind of the people. Whenever a person wants to buy any item, he buys the same item which is already created in his mind through online advertising. This is the goal and way of working of online marketing.

Examples of internet advertising

Online Advertising is part of digital marketing. The important ways and place examples for online marketing are –Content Marketing(CM),  Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Affiliate Marketing(AM), Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Email Marketing(EM), WhatsApp Business App, Google My Business(GMB) page, Webinars Marketing.



Know The-Disadvantages Of Online Advertising 

In the Digital Marketing profession, promotional and advertising activities are performed on the internet. Online advertising aims to attract people and convert them into customers. Digital Marketers apply all tricks and strategies on online promotion for enticing people to buy the services and products. People can never fully trust the online market due to the bunch of fraudulent activities that occur on the internet. 

This is a list which shows the Disadvantages Of Online Advertising in easy points –

  1. In digital marketing, advertisements are shown unnecessarily, without reason, and forcefully to the people through online advertising campaigns. Due to which they affect the thoughts of the people and the picture of the product and service promoted by these advertisements settles in the mind of the people for a long time.
  2. Through online marketing, many big and small companies and other people doing business resort to fraud to earn money from people by misleading people, giving false and fake information, and greed. In today’s time, this problem of fraud is happening on a very large scale. People are created directly and indirectly.
  3. Online businessmen and marketers suddenly present advertisements repeatedly on YouTube, mobile apps, social media videos, and websites against the will of individuals to earn profits. Due to which people get angry, irritable, and waste time.
  4. People do not like to see too many advertisements. So when an online advertisement is shown on their mobile or computer, they skip and cancel it. Because of this, a large part of the purchase price of advertisers goes into loss.
  5. With the expansion of the online business market, people’s trust in its quality and reliability has diminished. The reason for this is that people are selling fake and useless quality products to people through the Internet. Credit card details theft, bank details theft, and other important personal information are stolen by sending online advertisements on people’s mobiles.
  6. Instead of the online market, people prefer to buy from domestic shops and industries, because people are already familiar with the market around them and they can confirm the quality of the products by visiting the market themselves.
  7. Many business organizations and individuals, through their beautiful online promotion, dupe people by taking money by seducing them through jobs, ways to earn money. That’s why people’s trust in online advertising is decreasing.


Nowadays, people like to buy products, hire services from sitting in their homes. With the help of the internet and online facilities, it became easy to provide fast online services to people. 


The size of online marketing is increasing day by day. Hence, its revenue is also growing. People have smartphones and computers. They like to access all services at their desired place 24*7. 


The big brand names receive a huge amount of revenue from online marketing. People trust big brands. Because the famous brand’s intention is to create credibility and trust among the public. One this strategy successful. People blindly believe in reputed brands.


At the same time, some cheap and poor organization somehow affects big brands’ images. There are a lot of duplicate brand name products in the market which are looting the people easily. 


One important thing we should remember for online marketing, a company or individual always be truthful to the customers for the long time credibility between both the parties.


People generally avoid online ads which are not interesting. Hence, a lot of online advertisement costs become useless. In this process, the third(who provides the advertising platform) party always earns the profit. They like to watch the emotional, entertainment, celebrations, arts, food, etc category of ads.