Top 5-Five Traits For Content Performance In Google Search Console Insights(SCI) 

Top 5-Five Traits For Content Performance In Google Search Console Insights(SCI)

To make the website better for the users, content creation optimization is an important strategy. Serving unique pieces and accurate information to the audience should be the first goal of the content producers.


Only creating helpful, authentic, and informative content is the way of attracting the intention of the users.

Google advises the bloggers, website owners, content writers about the users’ page experiences and behaviors. 

Before creating data and content, We should understand the needs of the people. People have some common and similar thought processes regarding problems and their solutions. So, first, learn the common thinking style of the human, then write the content for them.


Try To Understand The Behaviour And Nature Of The Humans Before Content Creation


Usually, humans search for questions and queries on the internet to which they don’t have answers. This means people want to find the answers to their problems with the help of the internet.

So, Content creation emphasizes showing the best answers and solutions for the people’s queries. These solutions and answers should be easy and comfortable ways. 


The natural habits of people, they do choose the easy and short answers to the problems. So, keep the piece of the content average. People find the lengthy content sleepy and skip the many lines while reading long paragraphs.


 It is a psychological fact, short answers are always preferable by people. A few people want lengthy explanations.

If your content fulfills the user requirement then it doesn’t matter if it is a short piece of the content.


What Is Search Console Insights Tool In Google Search Console And Its Advantages ?

Google recently launched Search Console insights(SCI). It is a free insight tool of Google Search Console that shows the overview statistics about the content performance of a website. It explain

  • How is a website performing on the internet?
  • What are its top-rated queries?
  • How many clicks and views for the top pages.
  • What is the newest content on the website?
  • How the website is working on social media platforms.
  • How many top new backlinks are promoting to a website.
  • The most successful piece of the content of the site.
  • How the users are finding & coming to a website organic, Direct, or referring.
  •  The most searched and trending queries of the sites. 


Search Console Insights gives you the overall idea of the performance of the website on the internet. By monitoring the statistics from this tool, you can better optimize and improve the content of your websites. It is the best content optimization practice for bloggers, content writers, SEO’s, and other website analysts to take advantage of search console insights for their content creation. 


How To Access Search Console Insights(Sci) Tool?

It is a simple process.

  1. Login into your Google Search Console(GSC).
  2. Go to the Overviews on the left side.
  3. Click on the Search Console Insights option on the header section.

Best Traits For Content Performance In Google Search Console Insights(Sci) For Monitoring The Performance Of The Website


Google recently launched the new feature Search Console Insights(SCI). This feature is to understand the performance and engagement between a user and a website. It shows the performance of the website on the internet. Let’s understand its feature in some points –

  1.  Website Overview And All Time Page Views – It shows the overview, average page views duration, and all-time page views of the website. You can track the daily page views and time duration.
  2. Counts And Display The Past Days Data – It monitors and shows the past few days’ latest content of the website with Its Title history and explains how people find the content of a website on the internet.
  3. Tells The Most Popular Content Performance – Most Popular website content, traffic channel source(organic, direct, social), Most trending and search query details on the internet
  4. Shows The New Backlinks Details – It shows the new and top referring website backlinks pointing to your website or blog.
  5. Tracking The Social Media Traffic – It tells you the user’s way of visiting your website through social media websites.


Learn How To Implement A Content Optimization Strategy For Content Performance In Search Console Insights

  • When writing the content, Understand the audience’s requirements, intention, and satisfaction.
  • Use simple and natural grammar, vocabulary in the writing. Your intention should be to satisfy the users in a short time.
  • Add short and single line sentences to the content. It persuades the people in a swift and easy way.
  • Include FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) and People Also Search for Content queries keywords in the heading, paragraphs, and body of the content.
  • Introduce infographics and images for the solution of the problems. People enjoy the images and infographics.
  • The content should not be such that the user feels sluggish while reading
  • Execute some on-page SEO practice in the content.
  • Write the content for the people, not for the search engines.
  • Update the old outdated information and data and submit for reindexing in the google search console(GSC).

These are some important content optimization strategies for achieving the great content performance of the search console insights. 


Google is providing its free tools to the users for checking the performances of the website, examining the content, research, etc. Most of the site websites are situated on the google database. 


Hence, we can trust the data and statistics which are provided by Google. There are a lot of third parties paid tools and techniques for SEO, content optimization, website audit, keyword research, etc. They don’t show the exact data and reliable results. 

So, take all advantage of Google’s free tools and features. Optimize and audit your website as per Google guidelines. Follow the Search Console Blog of Google and be updated for new information.