Learn Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research : Strategy – 2022

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research

To write quality content the first need is keywords research. When you choose the right keywords for your website, it works.

Keywords ranking depends on the search volume, competition, and cost per click. These are important factors for keyword research.

Search volume and keyword difficulty vary according to geographical locations. Search engines fluctuate the website ranking by changing locations.


Keywords Geographical locations include city, state, and countries. Hence, keyword search volume and keyword competition change due to location change.


So, first, point to notice, keywords research should be according to the targeted location. Search engine shows any query results in SERP based on current location or selected locations.


Search engines’ algorithms goal is to show the results to users for their current location. However, you can select your desired location in the search setting. But, by default, it is your current geographical location.


The Impact Of Geographical Locations On Keywords Search Results 

Billions of new queries and questions are searched by people every day.

Before writing content for our website we should understand the users’ intention. What users think when typing the query in the search engine. What he wants. How much content is enough for his question.


In the whole world, Because of different language, tradition, and culture, lifestyle people think differently.


That’s why their queries are different for people from other countries. However, there are a lot of questions that are similar for each country.


keywords search volume and competition effects on content and its ranking

In search engine optimization(seo) keyword research is the first and most important step to hit top ranking in google.


Good keyword research provides you fast indexing, ranking, and organic traffic.

Keywords Ranking Factors

  • Keyword difficulty – It explains the keywords competition for ranking is Low, high, and medium
  • Search volume – it denotes how much a keyword is being searched on the internet.
  • Search Location – search engine shows the search result based on the current or chosen location. Search volume and keyword difficulty are different for different locations.
  • Keyword research tools – it shows the search data, difficulty, cost per click, and ranking possibly of the keywords.


Learn Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research For Writing Quality Content For Your Website

Keyword research is to decide how a website will perform in the future. Right keyword research is necessary to achieve the targeted audience.

Let’s discuss keyword research techniques briefly and easily.


Choose Right Website Niche And Topic

Decide where you have a single niche or multiple niches. Niche wise keyword research explains every possibility of keyword performance. 


Providing content for niche audiences improves the user engagement, bounce rate, avg session duration, and revenue.

It establishes a good brand image in the minds of people.


For those who don’t have command of a particular niche. Go for multiple niche writing. It gives a wide range of topics for writing content on multiple topics.


It is hard for new websites to rank in the early days. So, for a new website, low search volume and low competition keywords are good.


Find Your Geographical Audience

Choosing the right audience is a compulsory task. When you sell your product or services to the targeted audience. It proves the good results, business, and sales.


Select your city or country in google keyword planner for keyword research. It will show you the keywords’ query data as per the location.


Set your targeting country in the google search console. Select the keywords from the search console queries section and write the content on those queries.


Competitor Research And  Analysis

Use the SEO tools for competitor research. Create a list of top competitors. Analysis of their content and keywords strategy. Check their keywords mapping, keywords search volume, and competition. Also, check the paid keywords.


After competitor analysis, make your content strategy, do keyword research, write EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) quality content.


Learn Content optimization techniques. Put keywords in URL, title, and other content sections.

Use Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tool

use Google tools for keyword research, because most of the queries are searching in the google search engine. Hence, it shows the almost correct data. 

Free Google Keyword Research Tools Are

  • google keyword planner(GKP),
  • Google suggest
  • google search console queries
  • semantic keyword
  • People also ask
  • frequently asked questions(FAQ)
  • google question hub
  • google trends


Focus The Users’ Intention

Here are the statistics for taking the idea of users’ intention.

  • Thinking
  • The problem facing and resolving.
  • Behaviors
  • Lifestyle
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Preferences and comfortability.
  • Interest and hobbies.
  • Emotions.


Select Right Search Volume And Difficulty Level Keywords 

When performing keyword research for content writing, always remember, choose the keyword according to your website traffic strength.


Getting top ranking in Google is not an easy task. So, check the volume monthly search and competition(high, medium, low) level of the keywords.


Long tail with Low volume search and low difficulty level keywords are best for new websites to rank. There is high competition on low volume keywords. High cost per click(CPC) on low volume keywords make them competitive to rank.


Paid advertisers prefer competitive and low volume search keywords. Paid advertisements always work. It keeps your website in the first position of the search engine. So, if you have a good amount of money, invest it in the paid campaign and get instant traffic.


All big business organizations get their most of the business leads from paid campaigns. While unpaid keywords struggle for top ranking.



There are a lot of paid and unpaid SEO tools for keyword research in the market. Ahref, Moz, Semrush, google keyword planner, etc.


All the keyword tools show the difference in search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, backlinks, etc. So, one of the best ways to trust the result, use Google’s own tools – google keyword planner(GKP) for keyword research.


Choose your location and find the keywords ideas, search strength in the google keyword planner. 

Apart from that include google suggest keywords, semantic(synonyms) keywords, people search also, keywords in your content. This is the best keyword research practice.

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