What Does Quality Content Mean:- Website Overall Rank Facts

What Does Quality Content Mean- Website Overall Rank Facts

Usually, SEOs think EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is the only parameter for content quality, but that is not completely true about content quality. Google’s  John Muller explained new things about content quality. He added page speed, website structure, Content representation’s way to decide the quality of a website. This means, quality is just not the text, it covers the overall quality of the website from layouts to its design.

Overall Quality Factors for a Website

The quality factors include-

  • Image Integration with the page.
  • Website Speed.
  • Things Representation on every Page.
  • Website layout and its structure.
  • The overall quality of the website. 

Image Integration

Images are the SERP ranking factor; a well-optimized image has a better chance to appear in the top search position. Google displays a large ratio of Feature snippets text with images. So, Image integration with website pages should be carefully done; good alt tag writing, size, extension, and information of images may increase the quality of a website. When you Optimize images for the users, search engines love it.

Website Speed

In SEO website speed is another ranking factor for a website. 2-3 seconds extra loading time may lower your business growth; because a lazy load website takes more than average time to open, in this situation users go back to other websites. Hence, it negatively affects the CTR as well as the Bounce rate. A fast website gives a quick overview of the content. So, Google also notices the website speed in quality factors; and may give importance in SERP. So, it is advisable to optimize website speed for a better users experience. Open your Google Search Console, and see the Core Web Vital statistics for Mobile and Desktop versions.

Things Representation on every Page

Representation matters a lot for users; good management of content makes the information easily understood, while congested create confusion and lazy readability.

To improve content representation score you should follow-

  • Precise and Descriptive Title(Meta + H1)
  • Proper image Optimization(Size, Position, Information, Alt Tag)
  • The sentence, paragraph length.
  • Mobile Friendliness.
  • Subheading, bullets, numbers use
  • Content Information richness.

Website Layout and Structure

User as well Search Engines both like the user-friendly website. Simple and attractive sites fulfill the basic requirement of the users; because excessive use of graphics makes the websites’’ loading lazy, hence users bring back to SERP and open other websites. So keep your website layout as per the users’ requirements; you may experiment with various themes for better user experience. AB testing is the best-recommended method in the SEO industry. So, Add AB Testing in your strategy for users’ behavior tracking, and improve the quality. 

The overall quality of the website

Finally, the overall website quality impresses or depresses the users; A good website must have a sitemap for user easy navigation. It should include all categories and subcategories in the menu section, Header, Footer, and sidebar should be visible. Website speed, content experience are the main quality factors for a website.  

The overall quality factor of a website-

  • Content Visibility(Font, size, paragraph, Grammar, sentence)
  • Anchor Text Use
  • Information Trust
  • Page Speed Experience
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Infographic
  • Crawlability performance
  • User engagement 


Q: Is E-A-T the only Quality factor?

Ans: No, EAT is not the only content quality factor that decides website ranking in SERP. Website speed, structure, layout or overall quality is the quality factor.


Q: How should I optimize my website to improve quality?

Ans: To improve the quality of a website regularly follow the Google Search Console, and Analytics Tool.

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