Online Reputation Management Strategy : 15 Points ORM Guide – 2022

Online Reputation Management(ORM) Strategy: 15_Pointwise Guide-2021

This post explained the “Online Reputation Management Strategy.” Here, we talked about ORM improvements tips by top 15 points, including SEO methods, Social media, content creation, etc.


Online Reputation Management Strategy: 2022 

Here is a pointwise ORM strategy explanation-

Tackle the Negative Phrases and Keywords on the Internet

On the internet, several websites have negative and positive reviews about any brand’s services. A company faces challenges in resolving negative online reviews. In SEO, a good ORM strategy is to monitor the ORM website regularly and find negative feedback. Then try to remove the negative feedback by contacting users. 

Some top ORM reviews websites you should follow are-

  1. Quora
  2. Google My Business page(GMB) Listing.
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram.
  5. Twitter.
  6. YouTube


Provide Genuine Services 

The best ORM trick in SEO is, providing genuine products and services to the clients. A large number of organizations practice fraud. They lie to customers, promise them but after receiving payment, ignore their subscribers. 

Here are some points for genuine service providing practice-

  • Tell the true information to the users.
  • Never misguide the people about your company’s services.
  • Ready to help with any query regarding services.
  • Satisfy the customer that there will be no fraud with him.


Ask the client for positive reviews.

Create a friendly relationship with clients, be humble, and gain the trust of your subscribers. Ask them to write positive feedback on several social media profiles, GMB, and other ORM places. It boosts brand-building faith in the public. People prefer trustworthy names. So, focus on earning a reputation for long-term success.


Instant Response for Any User Query

Lots of companies are used to delaying user query responses. In this case, users feel frustrated, and they leave negative reviews on social sites. It distorts the online reputation of the company. The mantra to win the trust of the user is an instant reply.

Follows these rules to improve ORM Rating

  • Pick up every phone call of clients
  • Set an AI chatbot for the automatic response.
  • Response to each users’ query immediately. 
  • Try to resolve their problems, and ask them for feedback ratings. 
  • Hire employees for social media network users’ query handling.


Do Not Manipulate the Customers

Avoid the customers’ manipulation tricks. Misguiding the clients for money is a bad business strategy. It harms the brand reputation and breaks the credibility of the company. Sell the real information, explain the proper solutions to the users. Usually, sales department employees try to manipulate the users. Their goals are to achieve the targets and want to earn incentives. In this case, their greed causes users’ money loss. 

Remember these points for a great ORM rating-

  • Avoid users’ manipulation tricks.
  • Never provide wrong information to users.
  • Never keep clients in blind faith.
  • Never overcharge the customer.


Improve Social Media Business Page Profiles

Strong digital network presence is the best Online reputation management way in current. Maintaining a brand reputation on social media channels is a challenge for an organization. People talk about the company’s services and their product quality. The customers write product reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business Page(GMB), and YouTube. E-commerce websites like- Amazon and Flipkart are the big places for online reputation rating maintenance. A user looks through the reviews and ratings before buying any product. So, please provide the best quality to the customers, and ask them for positive reviews. 


Refund Policy for Unsatisfactory Clients

A trustful relationship between the company and clients is necessary for a successful long-term business. Include a refund policy in your terms and conditions. Ready to refund money to unsatisfactory clients. Try to resolve the queries of the service subscribers. If they are unhappy, return their money. Otherwise, they ruin brand popularity on the internet. Usually; small and big organizations do not refund money to their users. Therefore, they lost their public loyalty. 


Set Up Customer Query Resolution Team

Lacking customer support services is one of the biggest causes for negative online reputation management. Customers try to approach their services provider for various queries. When they don’t receive any response from the service provider, they feel frustrated/annoyed. Hence, publish negative reviews on FB, Instagram, GMB, Quora. These negative reviews harm the ORM of the brand. In SEO, the other disadvantage of negative reviews is, Google lowers the rank of negative reviews business listings.


Learn Content Creation Marketing Strategy

In SEO, the very first step for online branding is fresh quality content creation. The EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) content is everything in SEO. Search engines like the EAT content. So, learn content creation tricks that are in demand. Once you create content for your ORM, Optimize it and distribute it on every social network site. Use content syndication for more reach. Create daily posts on Instagram and Facebook. Target Pinterest, tumbler, and Reddit for boosting content distribution. This method improves the ORM of any brand. 

  • Follow the latest marketing trends.
  • Examine the competitors’ content performance.
  • Produce fresh and unique content.
  • Avoid spamming methods for shortcut success.


Regular Write Positive Content on Quora Profile

Social site Quora recognizes the question and answers. Billions of users find the queries on Quora. Hence, this site ranks on the top results in the SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). So, create an attractive introduction business profile on Quora. Post regular genuine content about your brand. Create positive content to tackle negative user comments. Daily monitor your Quora profile for better results. 


Learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Marketing without SEO has been incomplete in recent days. SEO is an unpaid online marketing way to boost content ranking in the SERP. It is a good alternative to paid marketing. Link Building SEO strategy works well for long-term business success. 

It shows organic traffic results within one year. SEO can produce large referral website traffic.

Benefits of SEO for an Online Reputation Management-

  • It improves the content ranking in SERP.
  • It generates huge referral traffic to your website.
  • It creates the brand image in a short time.
  • It is an unpaid online marketing method on the internet.
  • It increases the public reach.
  • It is the best way for Local Business growth.
  • You can build your website traffic source.


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Run Frequently Paid Advertising Campaign

All big entrepreneurs follow the paid advertising marketing strategy for instant success. The biggest advantage of paid marketing is, it creates a good brand image in the mind of the people. Paid advertising is the fastest online marketing way to reach the public. It gives instant results. The conversion rate is high in paid marketing. So, to boost Online reputation management, paid marketing is the easy way to gain rapid growth. If you have enough financial budget, run the paid campaign to reach a large audience. Create amazing content for your ads, run them on google and social media. 


Hire Public Influencer

People are used to social Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more social channels. They spend most of their time on these platforms. Public Influencers have huge followers on social media. People trust them. So, Their strength is they can viral any content in a few days. So, you can ask influencers to improve your business ORM within a short span. This is the latest online marketing way in digital marketing.


Create Google Alert for Daily Updates

Google alert is a free tool of Google; it sends all the information that matches your brand name. So, it helps you to filter out the- how your content is trending on the internet. Create your profile on google alert with your ‘Brand Name‘. It will send you daily updates on your email. Once you find any harmful content on the internet, you can take an instant action for improving ORM.


Audit Service/Product Quality

A successful ORM business strategy in SEO is to perform frequent audits of services or products. Set up a team for quality audit checks. Find the loopholes, consider the client’s suggestions for quality improvement. After the audit process, asks the users for feedback. It works for the betterment of services. Therefore increase the positive impact on the public. For maintaining a good ORM, here are some suggestions.

The important points you should focus on in quality audit-

  • Set Up a separate Audit team for quality checks.
  • Find the defects in services/products.
  • Consider the clients’ feedback- Negative/Positive reviews.
  • Compare product quality with competitors.
  • After the audit, sends updates to the clients.


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