Off Site SEO Techniques: 20 Tricks for Organic Traffic Boost, 2021

Off Site Seo Techniques

This post illustrated Off Site SEO Techniques. Every Off-page SEO trick is explained pointwise. So that users can understand easily.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategic process. When you perform an SEO task, it takes time to provide results. Doing SEO with following search engine guidelines is the best way for long-term ranking. 

Off Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) aims to boost website ranking and visibility in SERP and increase organic traffic. It is an unpaid method. It improves the website domain & page authority. It Builds the trust of a website for users and search engines. These all off site SEO tactics are purely unpaid.

Creating a bulk of backlinks within a few days or months is just spamming. Google Algorithms notice every activity of every website.

 Artificial Intelligence technology keeps the eyes on every spamming activity. Bulk commenting, unoptimized profiles, thin content, excess redirecting, keywords stuffing these all are spamming activities. 

Many SEO’s perform these off page SEO tactics for the instant result but it gives short and one time results. Google may penalize your website for illegal activities. So, avoid these kinds of activities.


Off Site SEO Techniques- 2021

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Article Submission
  3. Email Outreaching
  4. Image submission
  5. Press Release Submission
  6. Blog Comments Submission
  7. Question and Answers Submission
  8. Profile Creation 
  9. Web 2.0 Submission
  10. Broken Links Building
  11. Forum Submission
  12. Local Business Listing
  13. Classified Ads Submission
  14. Social Media Sharing
  15. WhatsApp Group Sharing
  16. Telegram Group Sharing
  17. PDF and PPT Submission
  18. Video and Podcast Submission
  19. Ping Submission
  20. Custom URL Submission

Social Bookmarking:

submit your website URL, title, and description on bookmarking websites. It will increase your brand awareness. It helps in fast indexing, derives referral traffic, and improves the domain authority. Reddit, Tumbler, Pinterest, Mix, are few best bookmarking websites.

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Article Submission:

Submitting the relevant article on another website creates a bridge between the two sites. Submit an article with a reference URL helps to bring relevant traffic to your website. It provides link juice authority. 

When your article ranks on another website, your website reference URL also ranks. This URL converts traffic to your website. These are paid and unpaid submissions. Hubpage, Apsense, Sooperarticles are some good article submission websites.

Email Outreaching : 

Find your relevant niche guest post websites and ask them via emails, phone, direct message for the guest post. Some high authority websites charge money for guest posting. And law authority allows free.

It is similar to article submission. This is a link exchanging process between two sites. The guest post helps derive traffic to your site. It also increases website authority and brand awareness.

Those who have a high authority website can earn using paid guest posting.

Image Submission:

In Off Page Seo, image submission is a simple and effective technique to improve domain authority and derive referral traffic. By using image submission on the relevant niche websites. You tell the people about your product or services. 

People love images, hence, it derives more engagement of users with the website. Pinterest is the greatest example of an image submission website. 

Press Release Submission: 

Press Release(PR) are preferred by business-class service and, government sector. PR written by experience generalist. These are professional news, notice, and updates about any organization. 

PR submission benefits are increase brand awareness among topmost professionals( newspapers, TV media, Digital Influence, Government, NGO, Social Workers, Best Bloggers, best sellers, and buyers) 

Blog Comments: 

This is one of the simple off page seo techniques. Doing genius and relevant comments helpful. 

But, doing bulk comments aiming only at creating backlinks is not good. It will reduce website ranking rapidly. Remember, Google Penguin algorithm is waiting for the spammer.

Question _Answer Submission:

Q & A resolve user’s problems about any particular topic. Asking questions and Giving answers is a great way to resolve people’s problems. 

Q & A websites have a huge amount of traffic. Hence, Add your blog link for reference when giving answers. People really visit your website through reference links. Quora is a great example of a question and answer website. It is a good traffic generation way for new bloggers.

High Authority Profile Creation:

Creating well optimized profile on a high DA & PA website improves your website trust flow, domain rating, authority, relevance in the eye of the search engine. It is a brand awareness promotion on the best websites. Create your account, put your brand name, address, business, services and tell the people what are you serving.

Profile creation backlinks are highly powerful. WordPress, Blogsopts, Wix, Pinterest, Imgur, Mix, Quora, Tumbler are the best profile creation websites.

Web 2.0 network Formation:

These are free websites. Web 2.0 provides you website optimization options, Title & description optimization, keyword optimization, alt tag, feature image option, heading, and subheading sections, etc.

We should optimize web 2.0 like a genuine website and post original content on regular basis. After few months, it starts to ranks and provides organic traffic to your business. These web 2.0 provide link juice via dofollow, nofollow links and increase domain authority to your main website. Hence, boost ranking.

For SEO, it is helpful to create a content promotion on free web 2.0 websites. These are super powerful. Some best web 2.0 websites are WordPress, Wix, Google Blogspot, Weebly, Livejournal,,, etc.

Broken Link Building: 

All backlinks are not permanent. With the time spent, each website losing and getting backlinks from different sources. 

It is a smart way to create high-authority backlinks for your websites. Do competitor analysis with the help of SEO tools and find the competitor’s website’s broken link. Create a list of high DA PA links and start link-building on these broken links for your websites.

Ahref, Moz, Semrush are the best tools for broken link building.

Forum Submission:

Forum submissions are the discussion/ community groups and websites on the internet. They have many categories and topics. Experts, beginners, average persons do conversation, ask questions, give answers for any problems or query. 

 Register on high authority forums communities and create posts on the relevant category. Ask the question or give the answers to users. hence, you create your brand awareness on these forums and convert traffic to your main website.

Remember, most of the forums sites have high spam scores. So, be careful before creating backlinks for your website. Google doesn’t like high spam score backlinks and spamming websites.

Local Business Listing(LBL):

Local business listing is the best option for Sweet shops, General stores, Digital Marketing agencies, Consultancy, Cloths, and garments showrooms. 

Provide the local address, website, phone number, images, review, and rating on local business websites. It will promote your business in local areas and will send the customers to you. LBL is highly demanded and effective. 

All people trust local people and organizations. Hence, they give preference to locals. Google My Business page is a good example of local business. 

Classified Ads Submission:

These are free text and image ads on the internet. You should post your business on these free ads. They have high potential and conversion results.

Travel agencies, job providers, health organizations use them for business growth. 

Social Media Content Distribution:

In recent, social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are most beneficial to generate leads and earn money. 

create business page profiles on social media and promoting them in groups, sharing on story and newsfeed. If you have a good follower on social media, then you will definitely receive high revenue from social media. Because people are always active on social media.

promote your product and service on social media. send traffic to your website or YouTube channel. Ask the users to review, share, like, and comment. 

use some paid campaigns and unpaid tacts to earn money. this is the best way of doing business these days. 

If you have a budget, run the paid campaign and get instant results.

WhatsApp Group sharing:

Those who have different WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp business groups, use them for brand awareness and sales conversion.

for example – if you are a teacher and you have a WhatsApp group of students. Then ask them for paid tuition, notes. sharing your YouTube channel videos in WhatsApp group to rank the video. It is highly effective these days to rank the YouTube video and get subscribe sharing in WhatsApp group.

Telegram data sharing:

Telegram groups have similar benefits as WhatsApp groups. But, in telegram, you have more options than WhatsApp. People can directly search and subscribe to the telegram channel. 

Share your telegram group on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, website. Once you get a good amount of subscribers you may convert your users into sales. 

share your product link in telegram and ask the users to purchase products, follow, chat, review in telegram groups. 

Digital marketers, stock traders, teachers, etc. are earning through telegram groups sharing their products and services.

PDF and PPT Submission: 

Target your audience through pdf, ppt, and other documents is a good way of bringing traffic and sales to our business. 

Educational organizations and institutions get the sales and traffic on their website through pdf, ppt sharing websites.

post your content( music, education, health, finance, legal, etc.) in pdf or any text format on the document submission website. It will convert the user to your business. It also creates brand awareness.

Video, Podcast Submission: 

Submit your videos on high DA PA video submission websites in the relevant category. 

For audio post, your audio tutorial on podcast submission website, share your link, create brand awareness.

URL Ping Submission: 

use ping submission for fast indexing and ranking. When you have a new article post, submit it on the ping website. Their crawler index the content very fast.

Pingomatic, Pingler, FreeWebSubmission, etc. are good ping submission websites.

Custom/Short Url Submission:

Use custom URLs to shorten big URLs. The benefits of a custom URL is rememberable, short, easy to share and you can include your brand name. other benefits are these short and custom URLs store on these websites and work as backlinks.

Bitly & TinyURL is the best website for custom URLs.