How to Write Meta Title and Description:- Questions Answers

How To Write Seo Title And Description - Questions Answers

Writing a good and informational meta title and description tags is always a challenging task. It decides the website ranking in the SERP. Keywords competition, search volume, and intent decide the ranking of a page. It is hard to rank on short meta titles for new websites. Age of the domain and Content is one of the ranking factors that affect the meta title and description.


In Search Engine Optimization[SEO], writing Meta Title and Description should include- user intent phrases, similar keywords(semantic). Put separators between various keywords terms for more clarification and visibility. Search engines sometimes rank the pages on different queries than meta titles. So, it is not mandatory; a page must rank on the ground of meta title and description when a user types the keywords in the search box. Search engines pick up the best-matched piece of content from the website. Then, it produces in SERP. 

What is a meta tag Title in SEO?

In SEO: A Meta Title is an HTML tag explaining the motive of the content to the search engines and users. A well-Optimized title tag improves the website ranking. A title tag is visible at the top of each tab. When hovering the mouse arrow over the tab, you see it there. Meta Title appears in SERP when someone enters any query in the browser. SERP has certain characters and pixel limits, hence too long title trim(cut) by search engines, rest display to you.

Example– <title>Free Blog Submission : Top Digital Marketing Blogs – SEO Blog</title>

What is a good Title in SEO?

As per Google search central, A website title should be “Descriptive and Concise.” An optimum title should avoid keyword stuffing and text repetition; every page should have a unique title. However, you can separate the brand name by putting it either in the beginning or end. Use separators(-, |, 🙂 for brand.


<title>What Is Digital Marketing : A Brief Guide – 2021</title>

<title>FreeBlogSubmission : Best Digital Marketing Blog</title>

What Is the Maximum Character Limit for Meta Title?

Google officially did not declare a meta title length. Google advised it should be Descriptive + Concise for easy understanding. However, Moz suggests up to 60 characters for meta titles. The long title doesn’t display completely in SERP. Sometimes Google displays up to 70 characters’ titles in SERP.

What is the Disadvantage of Lengthy Meta Titles Tags?

No, there are no disadvantages of a lengthy meta title tag. You can Write your tag as per the intent of the information.

Make the title more understood for users. However, SERP results have visible limits of 60-70 characters for title length. So, an extensive(Long) Title may not be completely visible due to, length limit; Search Engines shows the dots(….) for large title tags.

you can check the visibility of the title and description by using the command – site:URL

How Should I Write My Meta Title for a Better Ranking in SERP?

The famous website Moz says,- “meta title should be under 60 characters and based on 600 pixels.” Make Meta title tag informational, descriptive and average in length. A huge meta title creates ambiguity about the page motive. The meta title intention is to explain the purpose of the content in brief. 

How to Write Meta Title - Suggested by Moz


Some Helpful Points Remember When Writing Meta Title

  • Add informative phrases to make it descriptive.
  • Use a combination of Lower and Upper case letters.
  • Put the keywords in the beginning.
  • Use separators and braces for more clarification.
  • Use synonyms(semantics).
  • Add numbers(Top 5, Best 10+) for the quality explanation.
  • Add focus keyword in meta title and description.
  • The title and Body of content should have a common purpose.
  • Examination keywords Difficulty, Intent, and Search Strength.
  • Length of the title- Short, Average, and Long.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing(repetitive words).

How Should I Write a Meta Description for My Website?

To write a helpful description for a search engine that best-match the title of the post. Put title’s keywords in description tag. Explain the importance of the title topic. 

Remember one thing; if the meta description is not written correctly, the search engine will automatically select it from the page’s content. The piece of content that the search engine considers good according to the title. Will choose.


Practice These Factors When Writing Meta Descriptions

  • The description should satisfy with title perspective.
  • Keep at least one common keyword in the title and description.
  • Use commas(,,,) and dash(-) or hyphen(_).
  • Try to explain the purpose of the content to the search engine in fewer words.
  • Short and meaningful sentences.



It is a game of On-Page SEO practicing. For SEO, writing multiple meta titles and descriptions on various pages gives multiple ideas. With time and experience, one gains the confidence for writing meta tags. 

Continue following the search engine guidelines and analyzing the top page results in the SERP; teach- how to write these meta tags. Keep practising, monitor the competitors, and do the experiments.