How To Do Seo For New Website And Basic Seo For New Website

How To Do Seo For New Website

It is a difficult task for a new website to receive organic traffic from google and other search engines. Those who don’t know the searching engine optimization(seo) techniques face many hurdles for indexing content as well as organic traffic. 

At the same time, skilled & experienced search engine optimizers know the tricks and strategies, how to rank websites on google. Seo’s do on page and off page seo practice for new websites.

They optimize meta title and description, url structure, keywords research, heading tags optimization and other on page seo works.

After on page search engine optimizer applies profile creation, social bookmarking, guest post, article submission, etc. off page seo link building. Because of Seo’s professional experience, these tactics are easy for them. But for normal people, it is highly challenging performing and implementing seo tasks.

From the point of view of Basic Seo For New Website, all the new websites face some common problems. Every new blog or website has to wait for a few months to rank in google.

Some common problems faced by new websites

  • No Crawling and Indexing 
  • No Keywords Ranking
  • No Organic Traffic
  • No Branding awareness

These all are some common issues faced by new websites regarding seo. Let’s understand and discuss how to do seo of a new website.

For those who don’t know about search engine optimization. There are some Tips how to do seo for new website. 

Here are some on page seo and off page seo strategies for new websites. First implement important and needed

On Page Seo Best Practices For New Websites

  1. Do competitor analysis.
  2. keywords Research according to your Niche.
  3. Write Content on low search volume keywords and low keyword competition.
  4. Optimize website urls structure by adding keywords.
  5. Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions of all pages with proper character limits and Putting semantic keywords.
  6. Add focus and synonyms keywords in H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
  7. Maintaining Keyword optimization ratio in paragraphs and sentences.
  8. Sitemap creations and submitting into Google search console for indexing.
  9. Robots.txt files generation.
  10. Image Optimization with title, description and Alt tags.
  11. Internal page Linking for link juice and indexing.
  12. Canonical tag for preventing duplicate content issues. 
  13. External linking.
  14. Adding favicon 
  15. Mobile Optimization.
  16. Add all versions of the website in the Google search console for improving search visibility and indexing.
  17. Add a website in Google Analytics for monitoring users’ metrics data.

These are above the On Page Seo Optimization method before starting Off Page Optimization. Apply these suggestions first then start Off page promotion.

Now, for link building, promotion and advertisement apply Off Page Search Engine Techniques.

Off site seo are unpaid methods for improving organic traffic.

Here are some important off site seo strategies for link building and free promotion.

  1. Profile creation on high DA PA websites.
  2. Article submissions.
  3. High authority Social Bookmarking Submission.
  4. Classified Ads Submission.
  5. Business Listing for Local SEO boost.
  6. Image Submission.
  7. Guest Posting on high traffic websites.
  8. Blog comments on the relevant niche.
  9. Forum submission and discussion.
  10. Ping Urls for fast content indexing.
  11. Some Directory Submission.
  12. PDF, PPT and Documents submission.
  13. Podcast Submission.
  14. GIF and Video Submission.
  15. Press Release submission.
  16. Facebook Groups and Instagram content sharing.

These all are the most important off site seo strategies for new websites. Implement it step by step for better results.

Now, talk about content creation and optimization for new sites.

Aim Keyword Researched Based Content Creation For Beginners 

For new website owners, content creation is the foremost step for good page ranking. If you use the unpaid tricks, A new website is never going to rank instantly. However, if you have a good amount of money you can run the paid campaign for first page ranking. 

So, let’s understand the content creation and content optimization concept for fast ranking. 

For the new website, first, do your competitor research in the same niche. Find ranking their keywords lists. use keywords research tools and do keyword research for your website. Find the low search volume and low keyword difficulty keywords at the starting of few months.

Low search volume keywords and low difficulty level keywords are easy to rank. There is a possibility with these keywords to rank on the 1st and 2nd page of google. 

Put your keywords synonyms in your title, description, headings, subheading, images, paragraphs, anchor text.

Remember, if your content is unique and fulfills the user’s intention, the search engine itself will rank it on the first page. 

In a quality content case, you don’t need to do SEO. Good content rank by itself due to its reliability and intention. 

When writing content, follow the EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) requirements. Eat means target the user’s questions and queries and try to satisfactory answers. Content creation focus should be only user problems oriented. Our main aim is to persuade and satisfy the users’ queries.

If you are unable to write content for your site, Hire the content writer who has knowledge of seo.

Seo Experts Advice for new websites 

Avoid some bad seo practice for long term seo benefits. For new websites, Google keeps new websites in its sandbox for a few months. Google monitors in the sandbox how new websites are doing and performing on the internet. It is hard to rank new websites during the sandbox period. Hence, you have to wait for up to 6 months to rank. Until you get good organic traffic. Here is advice for a new website for good SEO practices.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing.
  • Avoid bulk commenting.
  • Avoid excessive Link Building.
  • Avoid Thin content posting.
  • Avoid excessive Redirecting.
  • Post fresh content on a regular basis.
  • Avoid copy and paste content.

At the starting age of a new website. One should start doing off-site SEO practice in slow steps. Your intention should be to earn reputation and brand building. Hence, create slow and less link building for a few months. Google’s algorithms monitor all activities of all websites related to the content, on-page and off page activities. Keep in mind, you can not manipulate google. 

So, until your content starts ranking, follow the safe seo strategy. Building backlinks in bulk is not going to work. It will hurt your website rank.

Optimizes your off pages profiles properly with good content and information. It will boost your website authority and it is a good signal for search engines.