TOP 7 QUALITIES For How Do I Become A Content Writer(CW)-Work As Freelancer

TOP 7 QUALITIES For How Do I Become A Content Writer(CW)-Work As Freelancer

All the content on Google is produced by bloggers and other websites. A content writer is the main key of this content database. Without content a website or video channel is void. Every moment billions of questions and queries are being searched by people globally.


Everything on the internet is in the form of content. Only content is ranking on the search engines. There is a fight among the websites to achieve top ranking In the search engine result pages(SERP). The logic for gaining top ranking is producing authentic and unique content to the users.


Content writing is a highly paid and demanded skill in the online market. People are ready to pay a big amount of money for quality content. Content creation and optimization is a hard skill. It takes a long time to become an expert.


To Become A Content Writer – You should have enough knowledge about a particular topic or multiple niches. Start writing articles for yourself, build up daily reading habits, understand the users’ problems and questions, improve grammar and vocabulary skills, participate in discussion and debate groups, follow the top content writers and their content pieces, write after researching the topics. 


For beginners, these are some skills required to become a good content writer. Let’s understand again in short points What qualities should a content writer have


Here Are The Best 7 Qualities Need How Do I Become A Content Writer

  1. Cultivate Reading Habit Every Day– This is the first need to become a successful content writer. Create reading habits per day and engage yourself in reading books, newspapers, magazines, stories, etc. reading habits will improve your concepts, facts, and knowledge. It also improves the thought process of humans and makes them intellectuals. 
  2. Improve The Listening Ability – It is an equal skill as reading. A good listener is a good writer. Listening to the news, debates, and conversation carefully assists to understand the concepts of things. It improves the logic and reference for writing pressing. While you listen carefully to someone, you receive accurate and complete information from the conversation. Moreover, poor listening practices misleading people and producing the wrong information and data to the public.
  3. Research Facts And Findings Ability – It is again a necessary step for a content writer. Before writing the content, the content writer should research terms of facts and important points to check the authenticity of the facts. By doing the research, the audience gets true and accurate information. Wrong information leads to confusion and loss of trust in people. Highlighting the reference source in the content is a good way to impress the search engine. Search engines like external links reference. It improves the authority of the content.
  4. Basic Seo Knowledge For Content Ranking – Basic search engine optimization(SEO) knowledge helpful in keyword research, keyword search volume, and keyword competition. Apart from that, sentence vocabulary and length optimization, putting semantics keywords in heading sections. These are the good ranking factors for genuine content creation. A content writer who knows search engine optimization is highly successful in Digital Marketing.
  5. Focus On User Behavioral Intention And Problems– While a content writer sits to write the content. He should understand the users’ intentions. It means writing the content in a manner that provides a satisfactory solution to the people. Consider the user intent keywords queries and their appropriate answers in the articles. It doesn’t matter whether the answer is short or long. Answers should be problem resolving and helpful. A content writer should present the problem and its solution well in front of the people.
  6. Problem Solving Oriented Content Creation Approach – The overall goal of any piece of content is to provide optimum solutions to a problem to the people. Showing correct facts and logic for the solution of the problem is a quality of a skilled writer. Google prefers the importance of facts and logic. It is again a good ranking factor.
  7. Using Easy And Accurate Grammar And Vocabulary Skills – A misspelled can change the meaning of the whole sentence. Therefore, using error-free grammar and vocabulary in the content is a good practice. It presents the real information to the audience. Practicing easy vocabulary sections which are used in normal lifestyles is a way to make the content readability easy. People like to read short, simple, and understandable content


What Is A Freelance Content Writer And Its Work

Freelance Content Writing is a way of having multiple sources earning at the same time and working from home. A freelance content writer doesn’t need to go to the client’s office. He works according to his comfortability. He provides services to their clients from his home. There are no daily working time limits in freelance. A fixed deal is between freelancer content writers and clients for giving content according to the agreement.


Is Freelance Writing A Good Career Option For Lifetime

Yes, If you are not willing to work in the 8 to 9 hours office job. Then, freelancing is a great option for you to work from home(WFH). It reduces the work pressure and makes you more comfortable. The other benefit of freelancing, you can earn more money by adopting multiple projects. 

Create your profile on professional social media websites(Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram) and freelancing websites like – Fiverr. Show your passion and skills to the people and ask them for work. A lot of people prefer to hire freelancers for their business. 


Once you impress the client with your work, ask them for feedback and reference. It is a good signal for your growth. An experienced and skillful person is always demanding for his talent. 


Another great option is, create your blog and optimize for google, add the freelancing services content and share it with people on social media websites, telegram groups, etc. If your website content is good, it will rank in the google search engine. It will provide you, organic clients.


Google My Business Website is another great opportunity for local businesses. You can receive freelance work from local clients by optimizing the google business page.


How To Get Freelance Projects For Fresher and Experienced Content Writer

In the time of the internet, every service is available on the internet. These are ways you can get the freelance project –

  • By Creating Your Profile On Google My Business – It is the best way to work with local clients. People prefer to work with local people. You can directly approach the local business clients for work.
  • From Social Media Websites – Sharing your work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups, LinkedIn is a free way to receive the projects. Join the freelancer services groups on Facebook and other websites. Ask them for work.
  • Creating A Landing Page Website – Prepare a website with freelance services and contact information pages. Do some search engine optimization and share on different websites. It is the best way to receive orange traffic and leads. 

Create A Profile On The Fiverr Freelance Website – It is in trend these days for freelancing work. Register on Fiverr and create your Fiverr Gigs. Tell the people about your skill and get the work.