Top 20 Homepage Seo Best Practices For Boosting The Website Ranking 

Homepage Seo Best Practices


A homepage is the backbone of a website.

The Home Page is the root (origin) page of a domain. So, it is necessary to optimize the homepage for users as well as search engines. 

When a user finds the home attractive on a site, he visits other web pages of the same website. At the same time, users dislike the bad home page. 

Here quality and good home page mean a page having organized paragraphs, headings, subheadings, attractive logo, header, footer, sidebar, call to action, title, description, contact information, fast loading speed, mobile responsive, etc.


These are the important optimization requirements for best homepage practice in search engine optimization(seo).


Search engines google, Bing, yahoo, Baidu, Pinterest, etc. like the good SEO optimized websites. search engines’ main focus is to provide the best content to the users. Hence, we should optimize our homepage for the comfortability of users.


Here is Pointwise information for Homepage Seo Best Practices

  1. Optimize page URL, Title with brand name and keywords
  2. Put main keywords and semantics in the description.
  3. Give an attractive keyword base Taglines to the home page.
  4. Improve HTML, CSS and JavaScript Codes.
  5. Create Menu, categories and subcategories in Header for user’s navigations.
  6. Add navigation section in Footer section.
  7. Use static or dynamic background images in the header for attractiveness.
  8. User Anchor Text for internal and external Links.
  9. Add Call To Action(CTA) Buttons for more user engagement.
  10. Use GIF and Small Animation videos.
  11. Add customers’ reviews and feedback for trust building.
  12. Do On Page Search Engine Optimization and Content Optimization.
  13. Use eye catching writing and fonts.
  14. Add social media, WhatsApp and email buttons for instant sharing.
  15. use simple language in communication. 
  16. Highlights the Product and Services. 
  17. Design for desktop, tablet, laptop and mobile responsive website
  18. Write EAT(Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) quality based content for your customers and users.
  19. Do AB Test customer experience and behavior.
  20. frequently asked questions(FAQ) for clearing users’ doubts and queries.


Create Content For Homepage Of A Website Then Implement Homepage SEO Tips

Content Optimization is the foremost thing for top rank. To write quality and unique content for your home page remembers the EAT(expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) guidelines. Learn How To Do Content Optimization.


Focus on people’s requirements and purposes. When you write the content, think like a user. Add appropriate answers to people’s doubts, questions, problems, plus queries.


Search Engines highly recommend this kind of content. Include focus keywords in the meta title.

Use long tail keywords for voice search in your content. Combine synonyms(semantic) keywords in subheadings and paragraphs.


Use points, numbers and single line based content for easy understanding. Place real life examples. 


website content should look like eye catching content. Means, use Call to Action(CTA), infographics, animation clips, GIFs, quotes, Bold headings, decent colors. 

Home page content should be confident, credible and attentive.


for dynamic sites and blog sites, ask the questions and answers from users. It develops the relationship and trust between the website and its audiences. 


Mention the reference to the user for historical, scientific, political, social, news, etc. knowledge and facts.


Make On Page Off Page And Technical Seo strategy 

Divide your SEO strategy in three parts. First on page, second technical and third off pages seo.


In on page, optimize your home page meta title, meta description, meta keywords, Alt tags, robots.txt, xml sitemap generation, Heading and subheading tags, image compression, keywords mapping, canonical tag for duplicate contents, grammar and vocabulary errors, thin content issue, internal and external page links, anchor texts, add google search console(GSC) and Google Analytics, etc.


After On Page Optimization, audit your website in google lighthouse or Moz audit tool for technical seo issues.


debug and optimize website page speed, mobile responsiveness, structure data, JavaScript minification, inline CSS, HTML code, URL redirect, 404 error page, non index tags, SSL certificate, URL structures. 


Now, start Off Page SEO Promotion – article submission, business listing, directory submission, guest post, image submission, social bookmarking, link submission, press release, classified ads, forums and communities discussion, profiles building, blog comments and many more. 

Off site seo tricks promote your brand. It improves the visibility, credibility and awareness on the internet by using unpaid methods. 


Always remember, off page promotion should be done step by step. Avoid excessive link building. Avoid spamming websites, avoid bulk blog comments.


Your intention should be How To Build High Quality Backlinks for your website 


Backlinks creation is easy these days. A lot of paid tools(Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, etc.) are available in the market for link building. 


Only bulk link creation is not going to rank a website. Gone are the days, when creating excessive backlinks boosted the ranking. 

Now search engines have artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms for monitoring spamming websites. 

Panda, Penguin, rank brain, Bert, Hummingbird, etc. are the algorithms that work for google. Hence, be care full when doing search engine optimization of a site.


Your intention should be to earn backlinks, not creating backlinks. It means, optimizes your backlinks profiles with information, logo, background images, website URL, etc. Post fresh content on these profiles on regular days. treat them like genuine profiles. It will build up trust and loyalty for users and search engines. 


Another important point is, seo is a long time process. It works slowly but gives results for long times. Keep patience.