Top 5(Five) Google Search Engine Algorithm List and Its Work

Top 5 Google Search Engine Algorithm List

Everything on google is decided by its algorithms. Google major algorithms work all time. These algorithms are for crawling, indexing, and ranking. While google algorithms decide the ranking of the websites, they check the many elements of the sites.


Nowadays, Google Search Engine Algorithms works on artificial intelligence(AI) or machine learning patterns. AI algorithms are very smart to understand the behavior of the users and websites’ performances.

Let’s understand, In Search Engine Optimization(SEO) what factors the algorithm looks at to rank the content.

Google Search Engine Algorithm Always Looking For These Factors On The Internet

  • The algorithm checks the quality of the content. also check for new, old, updated, or duplicate content.
  • website Spamming backlinks and activities.
  • How the user is behaving on the website and how satisfied he is with the content.
  • Thin and duplicate content.
  • Meta tags (title, description, heading, alt tag) writing and description.
  • Images, video quality, and its size.
  • test mobile responsive design. 
  • Keywords and content explanation for these keywords.
  • natural language processing(NLP) query in content.
  • Local Business Listing(LBL) information.
  • New queries, language searching method, and new information

Now, let’s discuss in short top Google’s algorithms

Here Is A List Of Top 5 Google Search Engine Algorithm Work And Purpose

  1. PANDA Algorithm – It is an algorithm to detect weak quality (thin, spammed, poor) content websites and prevent them from achieving top ranking in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). It promotes the unique and EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) quality content sites. Also helps these quality websites to upvote in the top search results. So, concentrate on your content quality and word limits. Write fresh, unique, and easy-to-read content for users.
  2. RANK BRAIN Algorithm – It is an artificial intelligence(AI) base Machine Learning(ML) algorithm for better understanding the queries & questions of the users which are being searched on the internet. It thinks like a brain and Focusing on people’s search intentions, It produces refined, sorted out, and best results to the users. 
  3. BERT Algorithm – Google BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is artificial intelligence(AI) Machine Learning(ML) algorithm designed for understanding the ambiguous meaning of natural language processing(NLP) queries by using the bidirectional surrounding reading method. It emphasizes and works on the natural language & neural network concept. Panda algorithm tries to understand the methods of searching information from different types of incomprehensible types being used by people.
  4. Penguin Algorithm – This algorithm is designed by Google to track and penalize the ranking of websites that are trying to manipulate Google’s search engine guidelines by creating a bulk of spamming backlinks and activities. Penguin Algorithm updates lower the ranking of poor quality and spammy links pointing to a particular website. Those who try to rank in a short time and do a lot of backlink creation SEO may get a penalty in website rank by penguin. Keep your website spam score good. Remove the high spam score backlinks. Avoid bulk backlink creation in a short time.
  5. PIGEON Algorithm – Google created the Pigeon algorithm for providing a better ranking to Local google map & Local Business Listing(LBL) based on accurately optimized name, location, address, reviews, and other related information. It tries to produce local search results which are more authentic, informative, relevant, and similar to queries.

What Is Google Core Update And Why Does Google Updates Its Algorithms Frequently?

In the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) profession, You always see the news about google rollouts new core updates. Let’s understand this. 


Google Core Update(GCU) is a changing update to its algorithms for deciding websites’ ranking changes. These algorithm updates include the new search queries & questions, way of searching, new language data, new information, etc. 


The intention of this update is to improve the search ability of the search engine, so that it can produce more authentic, accurate, and useful results to the users. 

Core update rolls out many times per year for updating its search quality and database. After rolling out google core update it higher and lower the ranking of websites. Those websites that have quality content get a higher ranking.

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