Top 19 Advanced Search Engine Optimization(Seo) Skills

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

For all new and old websites, seo is a gamechanger. properly optimized websites attract users and search engines. 

Headings, subheadings, title, description, images optimization is the basic need for good ranking. 

Some websites have a lot of grammatical and vocabulary errors. These mistakes and errors affect the ranking of the website.

 We should try to remove all grammatical errors and sentence mistakes so that search engines can understand the content clearly. If search engine algorithms are confused regarding content grammatical errors, it will lower the rank of that page.

Search engines’ main intention is to produce quality content for their users. Using some advanced SEO skills(content optimization, keywords mapping, link building with anchor text, website speed, etc.) we will improve a website’s organic traffic and trust.

Here Are Top Strategies For Advanced Search Engine Optimization Of A Website

  1. Keywords mapping and semantics keyword phrases optimization.
  2. Improve website for voice search content.
  3. Fast page load speed and mobile responsive design.
  4. Use Fewer graphics and videos for avoiding lazy load in case of poor internet speed.
  5. Cover all niche related topics and interlink with each other’s pages. It provides more information on the same topic. 
  6. Do website audit, check on pages and technical health problems of the website. Debug these errors and improve the audit score.
  7. Create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn brand authority and get the social traffic from these social networking channels. 
  8. Use anchor text and its synonyms phrases for internal links. It takes the users deep inside the websites and provides them extra knowledge.
  9. Adjust canonical tags for main URLs. It guides the search engine about duplicate content.
  10. For clearing users’ doubts add frequently asked questions(FAQ) and answers in the site content. FAQ is very effective to build audience trust. It produces more sales.
  11. Make 302 to 301 redirects. Avoid excessive page redirecting.  
  12. Earn high authority and quality backlinks from publishers, education, newspapers. Ask and write content for them.
  13. Design website content for feature snippets, site links, Public also ask(PAA), people also search for.
  14. Engage users, use the call to action and EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness ) quality content. Ask the users’ for feedback and improvements.
  15. Correct, Update, and optimized old useless content for new information to users. Submit it for reindexing.
  16. Use preposition and conjunction for natural language processing(NLP) queries. It helps the search engine algorithms to better understand the searching queries.
  17. Focus on the user’s intention, use short tenses and easy vocabulary, correct grammar skills, highlight important points, infographics, use single line sentences for more understanding and clarity.
  18. Create accelerated mobile pages(AMP) version for instant page load and better engagement.
  19. Verify all versions of a domain in the google search console(GSC) for more impression. Fix the GSC’s errors.

These all are the Advanced SEO skills required for top ranking.


Your Top Preference Should Be Search Engine Optimization Content Writing Practice

Yes, good, unique, and quality content is always appreciated by users as well as the search engine. This is another Advanced SEO skill.

It doesn’t matter how your search engine optimization scores if your content quality is superb. 

Google ranks fresh and quality content on its top 10 results. So, include research base information, facts and knowledge in content.

Explain easily, use a normal tone to make users happy. 

Add comment, rating, and review section for users’ feedback. It helps to improve the content quality and give more suggestions to the website owner. 

Learn Some Content Optimization Skills For Fast Ranking

There is a lot of websites on the internet that have not good SEO scores but still rank on the top page of google.

It should be noticed, all the search engine optimization skills are for representing web content in an appropriate way. Seo is not a compulsory task for the website. It is optional if your website content is average or similar to other sites.

For practical results, hire a few experienced content writers and ask them to write content for your website. Post these articles on your site. Check the keywords ranking after a few days later. 

You will notice some good rankings based on content quality.

Always remember only and only content is the user-oriented thing on the internet. Google itself promotes unique content without SEO practice.

Is Duplicate Content On Websites Harmful For Website Ranking?

No, duplicate content is not harmful nor gives any penalty to websites.

Editing and adding useful information in duplicate content is good practice. If google finds this type of content good, it will rank it.

Google only cares about the quality of content. If your website has unique, informative and researched content, it’s enough for ranking. It doesn’t matter if it is duplicated or fresh.

Here, notice one thing, copy and content is never going to rank. 

use extra information and facts in duplicate content then it may give you results.

For those websites that have similar content on the different URLs. Use canonical tags to prevent duplicate content ambiguity.

The canonical tags tell the crawler which URL of the website is the main URL. Therefore, the search engine doesn’t confuse which URL version has original content.

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