About Us

What is Free Blog Submission(FBS)?

  • Free Blog Submission is a Best Digital Marketing Blog.
  • It is a Blog for SEO learners.
  • Free Blog Submission share content on- SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Online Advertisement, and more.

What is the motive of Free Blog Submission Blog?

FBS motive is to share the digital marketing knowledge with each internet marketing learner. Here we publish the content for improving online business strategy, Brand awareness Tips, Online Marketing guides, Digital Marketing methods, etc.

Which Topics free blog submission includes?

This blog includes all digital marketing topics which best for people. It covers-

  • Online Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • Social Media Marketing¬†
  • Online Advertising Strategy
  • Free Online Promotion Methods.
  • Content Marketing¬†
  • Content Creation Tips
  • Latest Marketing Trends
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid Online Marketing
  • Unpaid Online Marketing


How Free Blog Submission Blog was Born?

I am used study and writing articles. So I have started a Hindi Blog in 2019. I started writing posts, and after some time I got some organic traffic. It boosted my confidence. So, I decided to write on Digital Marketing, special on search engine optimization. The knowledge I gained in the past 3 years about SEO. I want to share that knowledge with other people. Because knowledge increase by sharing. So, I published free blog submission digital marketing blog.

Who is the Owner of Free Blog Submission?

  • Owner Name- Prajapati Arjun Dev Arya
  • Education- B. Tech In Computer Science, LLB student
  • Work- Digital Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Content Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile- Visit Here